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The reason why historical fiction matters lie in its purpose of allowing the readers to see what happened in the past in a different light or a brand new set of eyes.

Sharon Traner, author of The Bone Pile Series, is a huge history buff. Here at Traner’s novelist website, you’ll get to see the three books Sharon wrote. History buffs and those interested in a good story can both enjoy the tale that Sharon has masterfully written.

Now, back to the topic of historical fiction, is there truly value in writing historical fiction?

What Makes Historical Fiction So Valuable?

We are aware that one of the most beneficial things we can encourage ourselves is to read. It strengthens knowledge, sharpens language, and engages the brain. But with so many different genres to select from—mystery, fantasy, romance, science fiction, action—how can we pick the best book?

Historical fiction is a fantastic option if you’re searching for something to read that will be both entertaining and educational. Books that depict fictional stories in authentic historical settings are categorized as historical fiction.

A well-written historical fiction book combines compelling historical details, a captivating storyline, and likable characters. This combination aims to create an unforgettable historical fiction read. It will pique your curiosity and provide historical knowledge to them. Take into account the following benefits of the genre.

1. Historical Fiction Focuses on the Importance of the Past

Given the prevalence of computers, automobiles, aircraft, and spacecraft in our contemporary society, students might wonder why they should read a book on historical events. However, the world didn’t miraculously arrive in its current location. Rather, the world of today was fashioned by thousands of years of discovery, invention, and conflict. Battles have also established political boundaries and produced scientific discoveries.

The reason why historical fiction matters is because it offers us a chance to view the past through the lens of the character(s) in that time. We get to understand the things that motivated them to make bold new discoveries. We are given some sort of explanation of why they decided to win their freedoms, right their wrongs, or fight oppression.

Now, things won’t always be accurate (some parts of history will obviously be altered), but that’s also one of the aspects that makes historical fiction so interesting. Plus, it also helps us discover the major mistakes made in the past and, ideally, learn from the previous mistakes those before us have made.

2. Historical Fiction Teaches Its Readers Important Values

Historical fiction may highlight the bravery, tenacity, resolve, and cooperation that enable individuals to persevere in the face of overwhelming adversity. Here on Traner’s novelist website, The Bone Pile Series showcases some truly courageous characters readers will be amazed by. It’s one of the reasons why historical fiction is so important.

It has the power to impart historical accuracy. Empathy for those who have experienced injustice or unjust persecution may result from it. It enables us to comprehend perspectives that diverge beyond ourselves or find new approaches to solving issues.

3. Historical Fiction Offers Immersive Learning Regarding the Times and Cultures of the Past

Certain methods of teaching history can be tedious—it can be difficult to relate to and comprehend lists of events, names, and dates. However, a great historical fiction book is similar to a time machine. It takes us to a far-off place in the past and immerses us completely in a brand-new setting where history is brought to life.

Not only are events described to us, but we also get to witness them firsthand via the viewpoints of characters who serve as our tour guides through another universe. We see what the people of that era believed, what they ate and dressed, and how they went about their daily lives.

Since You Now Know Why Historical Fiction Matters, It’s Time to Read Them!

So, when considering your next novel to read, how about giving historical fiction a shot? The appropriate book can pique your interest and take you on a lifetime exploration of history.

Sharon Traner’s The Bone Pile Series, found here on Traner’s novelist website, is the perfect book to kick-start your historical fiction journey. Grab a copy of the book today, and ready yourself for a good time.

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